Mission Log


Infused with a spirit of creativity and fun, The Dianna Rae Experience maintains a high level of design incorporating inspiration boards, hand sketches, computer-aided design areas and 3D printing. Every possible part of the showroom was custom designed. A window...
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Mission Details & Updates

Space History You Can Wear Everyday

Commemorate your mission by placing your spectacular loose Diamond in Space into a piece of jewelry designed to highlight its beauty and showcase your own personal adventure.  From engagement rings to men’s jewelry, Dianna Rae specializes in designing and making custom jewelry of all kinds. 

Technically, Romantic

Diamonds in Space is the celebration of man’s highest technical achievement and the most romantic symbol of love. Emotionally powerful at every level, it’s “Technically, Romantic”. 

New Frontiers

For the first time in history, a commercial space flight will be sending diamonds into space.  Be part of a new era of space exploration, with Dianna Rae’s Diamonds in Space.