What happens if there is a catastrophic incident?

We are talking about a rocket explosion, a re-entry failure, something big that makes it impossible to deliver your diamond to you. You will be entitled to a full refund of your purchase price. We have flight insurance on the entire cargo. Typically you would see a refund in 60-90 days pending insurance settlements.

What happens if the timeline is delayed?

We don’t have control of this aspect of the mission. We will keep you informed at all times of any delays we might experience and keep you in the loop on when we expect your diamond to complete its mission. Keep in mind that risk of a delay is part of the mission. You will be required to sign off on this as part of the formal terms and conditions.

What will I get as proof that my diamond has been to the International Space Station?

The Diamonds in Space program has a number of ways to provide proof of the flight into space. Manifest and Documentation from NASA, photos of the packing into the capsule and the laser engraved numbers on the actual diamond. There is also online verification and documentation from the American Gem Society.

Will there be other missions?

This is the first of its kind and we hope it is a success. We are considering other missions but have no dates in mind for another mission at this time.

Will my diamond go up in value with the flight to space?

We never give advice concerning diamonds as an investment. We advise you to purchase any jewelry with the idea of wearing and enjoying it, not buying it to resell. The Diamonds in Space mission has a limited number of diamonds. As interest grows there may be more demand for first mission diamonds that could impact prices.

Will I get an appraisal with my purchase?

Yes, The appraisal will state the size, quality and other important details along with a mission overview. This can be used to get coverage with your insurance company.

Can I send my own diamond?

No. At this time we are only sending Diamonds that are purchased as part of the mission. If you would like to have your diamond sent on another mission please sign up for our newsletter. This may be an option in the future.

Can I buy just the diamond with no setting?

Yes, we are offering loose diamonds as well as complete jewelry. Browse our loose diamond inventory.

How many Diamonds can I buy from the Diamonds in Space mission?

We are limiting the purchase of 5 diamonds per customer. We want as many people as possible to be able to participate in the mission.

Do the diamonds that go to the international space station cost more than ones that have not?

Dianna Rae Jewelry works to be very competitive in the diamond market. We source diamonds from all over the world. However the diamonds going to space do have extra cost involved due to actual flight cost, AGSL engraving, certification and especially flight insurance that covers your purchase should there be a catastrophic loss of the spacecraft. We think you will be pleased how reasonable a diamond that is the first to go to space is!