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Program Policies

Read through the Diamonds in Space Policies to know what to expect during this process.


Dianna Rae fully warrants all Dianna Rae “Diamonds in Space” Diamonds for authenticity and quality represented by the third party grading laboratories.  

You are buying a diamond that will not be deliverable until the mission is complete. This means it has flown to the international Space Station and returned to earth. Estimate is January 2023. 

We realize asking you for money upfront is something that many people will have reservations about.  Here is why we are doing it this way. We are trying to include as many people as possible in the Dianna Rae Diamonds in Space mission.  By having the customer purchase their diamond upfront, they get to choose from a huge range of options. You are able to select any size, shape and quality and price for the mission to the International Space Station. If we send a limited quality of diamonds to space you have a very limited selection. By purchasing your diamond before the mission ensures that you have the best selection of getting exactly what you want.

Ready for take off!  

When purchasing your diamond, we assure that your diamond is on the path for lift off.  Dianna Rae Jewelry has a signed Space Act Agreement with NASA for the cargo to be aboard a rocket and travel to the international space station and back to earth. This agreement is what is needed for all items carried into space. The cargo, packaging and administrative fees are 100% paid in full upfront to NASA in order to get this agreement. 

Your purchased diamond is then sent directly to the  American Gem Society Labs, where it will be graded, laser engraved and prepared to be packaged for transport to the logistics center that packs the cargo capsule in August 2022.

Risks of Space Flight, you're covered!

The Falcon 9 is one of the most reliable rockets in the world. We have great confidence it will be able to deliver the capsule to space and return home. If your diamond is rendered undeliverable due to a catastrophic loss, you will receive a refund of the full purchase price. This will be done upon settlement of the launch insurance company typically in 30 to 45 days after the loss. 

The only risk you have with this program is delivery time.  

Space flight is not a casual business, and it is completely out of our hands.  When purchasing your diamond, we ask for your understanding and acknowledgement that the launch date is tentative. Weather, reliability of the rocket and other issues may cause the flight to be delayed. Any number of factors could delay your purchase from being delivered to you on the estimated date. Once the diamonds are on the ground, we will make every effort to get them set into the mounting of your choice or delivered to you as a loose diamond. 

Diamonds in Space by Dianna Rae will provide a launch timeline to all customers who purchase a diamond.

Cancelations  You may cancel your purchase anytime before 90 days pre-launch. We are required to purchase launch insurance and register your diamond on the manifest for NASA before launch. At this point your diamond is on its first stages of going to space, and we are not able to cancel at that time.


Launch is delayed. This is a real risk - the biggest risk in the whole program. The short answer is: Your diamond is delayed in getting to you. You will receive emailed updates every step of the way so you will know when the NASA or SpaceX schedule changes. The flight is a resupply mission and is quite routine at this point, but anything can cause a delay.  You will be asked to sign a statement acknowledging that you understand the risk of delay. 

Rocket explodes. Everyone who knows anything about rocket flight knows there is a risk of catastrophic failure - the big boom. However rest assured this will not cost you any money. You are fully insured for the flight both up and down by a leading launch insurance company. This is included in the purchase price.

Diamonds lost or stolen. All the diamonds are fully covered while on the ground. They are Insured by the number one insurance company for the jewelry industry. If there is a loss you will receive your money back after the insurance is settled, typically within 30 days. 

My Diamond is damaged during setting at Dianna Rae. This is rare and is usually minor in terms of damage. Most can be recut and only lose a few points in size.  However since this diamond is not replaceable Dianna Rae would offer to recut it at no change or refund your purchase price. If you are having your diamond set at another jewelry company check with them concerning their policies. 

I want to cancel my purchase after my diamond is back on earth. Once the diamond is back on earth, we will not be able to cancel your purchase. 

Returns. We are not able to offer returns on the Diamonds in Space program.


International Sales.  We are not taking international sales for the 2022 Diamonds in Space mission.