What to Expect


Diamonds purchased from the Diamonds in Space Mission will fly to the International Space Station and travel at 17,500 miles per hour in space for an estimated 30 days. For this piece of jewelry, only the center diamond will go to space. The actual jewelry mounting or setting will remain on Earth and will be set upon the diamond's return.

Dianna Rae Jewelry guarantees that your diamond has been to Space and aboard the International Space Station.

Included with each diamond purchase:

  • NASA mission details
  • The Space Flight to the International Space Station and the return to Earth
  • Transportation and Launch insurance for the full purchase price
  • American Gem Society Lab Laser Engraving
  • Documentation of Authenticity
  • "Only My Diamond" Web Registration and Number
  • Space Passport Card
  • A Diamonds in Space Challenge Coin

Your diamond is FULLY INSURED from purchase to delivery to your address! If for any reason your diamond is not deliverable, your full purchase will be returned to you. Payout of the loss claims is typically 60 to 90 days.

Throughout the entire journey, Dianna Rae Jewelry will provide mission details, giving you updates on your diamond's remarkable 10 million mile journey to space and back. The Mission Timeline is only a guideline, as actual dates are set by SpaceX and Nasa. Dianna Rae will provide updates via email marketing and/or text messaging. Your diamond purchase must be paid in full before it can be added to the manifest for departure.

All sales are final.

International Sales: If you are located outside the United States of America We are currently working on logistics and shipping requirements for your area.

Please contact us with the product you wish to purchase and we will contact you as when your location tax and shipping requirements are available.