Technically, Romantic

Beautiful, Timeless Diamonds 

Diamonds in Space is the celebration of man’s highest technical achievement and the most romantic symbol of love. Emotionally powerful at every level, it’s “Technically, Romantic”. 

Since ancient times people have been fascinated by diamonds. Their legendary hardness, transparency and rarity have made them a highly sought-after treasure for millennia. 

In addition to being a transcending adornment/jewel, diamonds are a universal symbol of eternal love.

Human connection has the power to deepen the moment, build trust, and inspire great change. Diamonds amplify this connection, helping us express ourselves to the world and to those we cherish.  For example, giving an engagement ring is a rare moment that symbolizes the love between two people and the beginning of their journey together.   

The Diamonds in Space Program unites romantics with the technically-minded and provides a treasure from Earth with a rich, unique history like no other.  

Now you can own one of the rarest diamonds on Earth - a diamond that is one of the first and only diamonds to be flown into low orbit and come back down to Earth.  Dianna Rae Jewelry and American Gem Society Laboratories guarantees that your diamond has flown to the International Space Station and documents the mission entirely.

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