New Frontiers

What is the Dianna Rae “Diamonds in Space” Mission?

For the first time in history, a commercial space flight will be sending diamonds into space.

Be part of a new era of space exploration, with Dianna Rae’s Diamonds in Space, and witness your beautiful diamond as it lifts into space, rendezvous at the International Space Station, and returns to Earth in a spectacular splashdown!

From pre-launch and throughout mission operations, experience the interstellar journey with your diamond and share the updates with your friends and family. 

During the mission, you will be updated with high quality videos, pictures, and precise data on the travels of your diamond into space.  This includes the packaging of your loose diamond(s) into the custom-made, flight-approved space case, the placing of your diamond into the cargo by logistics specialists, and much, much more!

As the proud owner of a limited Diamonds in Space, you will receive updates until your space-traveled diamond arrives on your doorstep.

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