Time Traveler Alpha - 2.18ct Old European Cut Diamond K VS2

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A small selection of antique diamonds are being offered for the Diamonds in Space Program. These rare diamonds have a long history and a new beginning.

Cut before 1920, these amazing vintage diamonds have an Old European cut, which is a much different look than a modern cut diamond. This is due to the advent of the diamond saw, fundamentally changing the depth percentage of the finished diamond. The most obvious difference is the small table, or the flat area on the top of the diamond, and the large facet on the bottom called the culet. A modern diamond has a larger table and smaller culet.

If you enjoy an old home, antiques, or just a tie to the past, these diamonds are for you - cut at the time of the Wright brothers and now scheduled to orbit the earth! An amazing journey from the first days of flight to the Space age, these diamonds have seen it all.

Due to their time of mining and cutting, these diamonds are not able to be verified for country of origin or chain of custody.

Time Traveler Alpha - 2.18ct Old European Cut Diamond K VS2
Price - $23,995

Commemorate Your Mission to Space

The Diamonds In Space Challenge Coin



I feel the endless sense of awe from seeing the Earth from the ISS through your design!

Phyllis S.
Lafayette, LA

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