Asteroid - Natural Black Diamond

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This diamond is deep in mystery. Unlike clear or colored diamonds the body color is metallic black opaque. Making you look twice.  Brilliant flashes of light come off the facets like only a diamond can do, but the deep black color doesn't give away the presence of a classic diamond. 

These diamonds are enhanced by the treatment of extreme heat.  This man made enhancement caused the body color to deepen in color and make it more uniform. 

Great for any occasion! For a mens ring or engagement ring the Asteroid series of the Diamond in Space is less costly than a clear diamond but certainly just as special. 
This diamond is a 2.04 carat round brilliant cut enhanced black diamond, and is ready for it's voyage to space.

Commemorate Your Mission to Space

The Diamonds In Space Challenge Coin



I feel the endless sense of awe from seeing the Earth from the ISS through your design!

Phyllis S.
Lafayette, LA

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