Your Diamonds in Space Experience

What to expect when purchaing a Dianna Rae Diamonds in Space Diamond

A diamond that has a place in space history. 

The Diamonds in Space program is the first of its kind. Dianna Rae Jewelry is sending a limited number of diamonds to low earth orbit to rendezvous with the International Space Station, and returning them back to earth. 

Dianna Rae Jewelry is the first and only company to work with NASA and the International Space Station to offer diamonds with these adventurous connections to Space Flight. 

A diamond that is ethically sourced.  The diamond industry has been highly beneficial for many people and to keep it that way each natural diamond will be certified as conflict free. Be confident that your purchase is helping, not hurting the people at the source. 

A diamond that has been documented by the American Gem Society Lab. The AGSL is one of the premiere labs in the world. They are a boutique lab grading high light performance and specialty cut diamonds. 

A diamond that will have a laser engraved identifier. Each Diamond in Space diamond will be laser engraved with ISS and SPX Representing the International Space Station, and Crew Resupply Mission.  It will also have a unique number that will be on all documents. This engraving is only visible under 20X magnification. However it is permanent and will not wear off or degrade over time. This process will take place while your diamond is at American Gem Society Lab for its official documentation. 

A diamond that will have a digital record and an American Gem Society Labs Diamonds Passport.  Once available, all customers will receive the official AGSL Diamond Passport for your diamond.

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