Start by browsing our large selection of Natural Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds.

Once you find and purchase your perfect diamond its journey begins.  It will be delivered to the American Gem Society for certification, engraving and final preparation for packing in the Dragon Cargo Capsule. 

Our Diamonds in Space mission is set to launch from Kennedy Space Center in May 2022. An exact date will be set by NASA sometime in December 2021.

Liftoff! From Kennedy Space Center 39A** The SpaceX rocket with your diamond aboard will travel into low earth orbit and rendezvous with the International Space Station. 

After about 30 days and over 10 million miles around the earth it will be sent back to the earth.  

The Dragon Capsule will make a soft water landing in the Atlantic ocean** where it will be retrieved and transported back to Kennedy Space Center**.

Once back on the space coast** it will be destowed and returned to Dianna Rae Jewelry for setting into jewelry or delivered to you as a loose diamond.  

Expected Delivery Date Summer 2022.

* completion of the mission is set for Summer 2022. Rocket launch and return trip is determined by NASA and the International Space Station committee. Actual delivery date may vary from projection.  

** Actual locations will be determined by SpaceX, NASA and communicated to you when made available.

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